Grupo Azul is a dynamic Dutch Salsa Band. Its enthusiastic musicians have various musical backgrounds and come from Cuba, Curacao, Germany and Holland. The band has a repertoire of all time salsa classics.
But what's more: Grupo Azul has just finished producing and recording its first album with 11 original tracks. With this new album titled "Contraste" you can get acquainted with Grupo Azul's new Salsa Sound, which is a mixture of Cuban son rhythms with influences of pop, jazz and rock music. All those ingredients will make you discover that there is a new Salsa sound that is highly enjoyable for salsa-dancers but also for salsa-listeners. That is why the trademark of Grupo Azul is: "salsa a color...azul".

Responsible for the songs and arrangements on the album are Conguero-musical director Raoul Soentken, bass player Hanaņa Olthuis and trombone-player Tobias Dammers. Salsa-pianist-arranger Valentijn Bok, former pianist of Grupo Azul wrote the titelsong of the cd "Contraste". The famous Cuban singer Eduardo Alfonso Herrera from the Cuban band "Grupo Jelengue" has joined Azul. He has written most of the lyrics for the album tracks. Eduardo Alfonso Herrera has become a driving force behind Azul with his strong appearance and unbelievable voice. Guitarist Ton van Engelen gives Grupo Azul a little pop-rock vibe. Grupo Azul's tight Latin brass-section consists of trombone player Tobias Dammers, trumpet player Egbert van Veelen and saxophone player Robert Ritscher. They produce improvisations ranging from typical salsa brass-solos to mellow jazzy solos. The audience is fired up by Sonero Eduardo Alfonso Herrera. The percussionsection is formed by Vincent Gal, Marcos Betancourt, Thomas Simmons and Raoul Soentken.

Do not hesitate to get yourself a CD by Grupo Azul, and come and see them perform live!

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"salsa a color...azul".

Grupo Azul launched its first CD in oktober 2005 at Tivoli in Utrecht.

Dr. Salsa introduced Grupo Azul in SPECIALTY PROGRAMS "Que Viva La Musica with Vicki Sola" at WFDU.FM (New York) on saturday october 15 2005.